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by Tiffany

Hello Buyers!!

I’ll take a moment to introduce myself…My name is Tiffany Homa.  I’ve been working with Advantage Team Real Estate & Property Management for several years, and my specialty is working with Buyers.  I am a member of the San Diego, California, and National Association of Realtors.  I am also a San Diego native.

I love buyers because of the flexibility they offer me to never get bored in this profession.  You see, each new buyer, and each transaction for that matter, is very unique, and will bring many challenges that need solutions.  I pride myself in being inventive, and working hard for my clients’ needs, so that those challenges will be surmounted with limited frustration and anxiety to them.  After all, that’s why I get the job.  My buyers trust me to help them navigate through the complex world of market issues, loan approval, property searches, contracts, negotiations, deadlines, inspections, etc.    These steps are not unique to Real Estate of course, in fact they are essential to it, but they may be new to my clients, and it’s for that reason that I take the time to educate them throughout the process, whether or not they’ve bought before.  I am also the eyes and ears of many clients who are moving to San Diego, or buying investment property in San Diego from out of state or abroad.

I take pride in my work.  I am honest, and I am very detail oriented to insure that each step along the way is completed with thoroughness and integrity.  It is essential that my buyers view me not only as a resource of information and solutions, but as an honest human being that is really looking out for their best interests and cares about them.  Unfortunately, as we’ve all seen in the past years, the banking industry as well as many real estate “professionals” have squandered the trust that many put in them.  This has resulted in buyer remorse, and buyer distrust of the industry.  It is my responsibility and privilege to uphold honesty at all costs, even when others are not, and I am proud to make this a sincere commitment to each and every client that walks through my door.

I hope this Blog will help to answer frequently asked questions about Real Estate in general, and our more specific San Diego Real Estate Market, as well as be a source of information about new trends and incentives in the industry.  An educated buyer is a smart buyer!!

Feel free to contact me, and as always…Happy House Hunting!


Tiffany Homa, REALTOR®

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